there are only 2 choices

  original Medicare,

is similar to having a major medical plan.

​you pay the initial deductible  $1,408  then a copay of 20%.

you can receive coverage from any doctor in the country

who accepts medicare.

you can also purchase a supplement plan to fill in the gapsclick here

it consists of 2 parts:  hospital, part "a" and doctor, part "b".

*note: in addition you will need to sign up for part d drug plan.​ click here

understanding medicare enrollment periods

Initial Enrollment Period:(IEP) The seven month period surrounding an individual's 65th birthday, during which they are eligible to sign up for original Medicare, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans regardless of health. 

Annual Enrollment Period: (AEP) A yearly enrollment period that runs from October 15 - December 7 for Advantage Plans. 

Open Enrollment Period:(OEP) from January 1 - March 31, individuals can make one change between Medicare Advantage Plans or swap from a Medicare Advantage Plan back to Original Medicare.

Special Enrollment Period:(SEP) An enrollment period dependent on specific conditions, such as loosing health coverage or being affected by a declared emergency like a hurricane or earthquake.

Medicare Dual Enrollment:Many people who qualify for Medicaid may also qualify for Medicare before they turn 65.​​

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Medicare Advantage Plans,

is a all inclusive plan which can be an HMO, PPO, PFFS, SNP or MSA and

May Include Drugs And Many Other Services Not Covered By original medicare.  

These Plans Usually Have A Lower Premium Cost But Have Co-Pays and Deductibles With A Maximum Yearly Out-Of Pocket Cost  And Many Other Features Not Found In Supplement Plans Like Vision, Hearing Aids, Prescriptions, Annual Check-ups, ETC.

Some plans require you to only see doctors in plan except in an emergency. 

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insider tips 

no matter which medicare plan you choose, they all do the same thing.

( help pay for services you may need in the future )

think of them as similar to car insurance, where you pay a premium yearly to guarantee coverage, even if you have no claims  for many years.


 when joining at 65 most people are in good health and may not need a

lot of protection for maybe 10 years or more, 

yet the premiums go up every year 4-6%

(wouldn't that be great if your cd did)?

we can show you several money saving ways

to offset future medicare expenses.

if you have children, or grand-children,  talk to them about

setting up our income 4 life plan

some day you may have to live with them.​​​