Everything Costs more Today!

What’s The best option for you?




Since all plans cover what Medicare doesn’t ( co-pay and deductible)

the main difference is their annual premium cost (out-of-pocket).​

Supplement’s Are Higher And Don’t Include Drug Plan:

Advantage Plans Are Lower And Have Extra Benefits.

Medical Savings Account

It’s similar to a supplement but less expensive in the long run because you can open a special savings account that grows over the years which can cause you to accumulate your own money and spend less than the other programs.

There Is Only One MSA Available In Maryland

After all you may or may not have a future need for major surgery.

My purpose today is to show you how to get the coverage you need, without spending more than you have too. Once you retire you will have to live off the income you saved until it runs out. You will find that your nest-egg will deplete very rapidly in the next few years. With this in mind I would recommend you pick the lowest cost now and put the savings in a safe place with no losses.

I earn my income from Medicare for assisting you with your choice when I submit your application to the company of your choice at no cost to you. This can be done without seeing you personally. Thanking you in advance for your support.

looking forward to being your discount insurance broker and help your children accumulate more wealth for their retirement. 

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