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It doesn’t matter if you already have a current insurance product, because most people are overpaying up to 40% more than you could get from us.

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Life Insurance is a low cost (pennies on the dollar) way to Guarantee you will have available funds to cover your loved ones expenses if you die before you accumulated enough Wealth.

The Price difference between Insurance Companies are based on their overhead costs of doing business (number of employees, how many locations, claim loss from last year, etc.) can make their premiums higher. 

The confusion about buying Life Insurance is what kind, and for how long?

Term: Coverage for a certain period, 10yr, 15, 20, 30 up to age 70.

Money Back Term: Get Back all the premium you paid if you don’t die within the term.

Mortgage Protection: Pays off your mortgage.

Whole Life: Coverage Till You Die.

Universal Life: Combination of Term and Whole Life.

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these are Some of the types of coverage we offer

Money Back Mortgage Protection
Money Back Term Life
Low Cost Burial Expense
Affordable Long Term Care
Sell Your Life Insurance For Cash
Affordable Add On Coverage

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