one main reason is generally most people don't know

what the best way is to accomplish this goal. 

then end up doing the wrong thing. 

​That’s why you should use us.

why do most people look forward to retiring ?

tip of the day 

it's not about how much you earn, 

it's how much you save and where.

here's a good example of what not to do.  most advisors say ​that a

401-k  is the best way to set you up for life.  

if that is true why does statistics show that 70% of retirees

by age 72 who had a 401-k are just living on social security?

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what's wrong with a 401-k

​so what's the reason you probably wont?

remember It's your money...

always get the most out of it! ​

to hopefully end up saving enough income 4 life

to do the things they like doing. 

My name is Jerry Lober, i can't make you wealthy but i can give you the  tools to make it happen.

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let our 40+ years of experience help you with a free consultation to see what we can do to improve your

chances to financially survive retirement with a 

income for life plan.

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But wait there’s more to a 401-k

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