My name is Jerome J. Lober. I am a Certified Estate Advisor, Independent Insurance Broker & Safe Investment Advisor, in Maryland since 1981.

I have been a entrepreneur since the tenth grade when I started a local grass cutting business in my neighborhood. I really enjoyed the feeling of doing something for people and getting paid for it. After graduating in 1966 I was asked to join the armed forces to see the world …. what an experience that was.

After returning home I tried my hand at Wedding & Portrait photography and was very successful, unfortunately near the end of the 70’s the business slowly got smaller. So in 1981 I was hired by the John Handcock company to become a financial advisor which turned out to be a very rewarding and satisfying career.

In 1985 I started my own business, Advantage Financial Group and became an insurance broker to give my clients more choices and innovative solutions to successfully grow their retirement income.

Our team is committed to helping you to grow your retirement savings with safety and has earned the loyalty of our clients through education. We look forward to being of service to you and your family. Click my picture for my stats.