the good news is any company you choose will do the same thing. it will pay the Medicare co-pay and deductible.

the insurance you had at work is not what you will get now.

warning: if you want your Medicare coverage to last your  lifetime, please tell your senator and congressman you don't want them to vote for "Medicare for all".

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But That's What Inflation Does Slowly

There Are Only 2 Choices:  

Original Medicare: Which is similar to a Major Medical Plan.

You pay the initial deductible ( up to 3 times a year ) of $1,408 and a copay of 20%.

​You can receive coverage from any doctor in the country who accepts Medicare.

It covers Hospital Part A  & Doctors  Part B

Note: With Original Medicare they decide what they will approve and how much they will pay for service when the bill is submitted. 

Note: In addition you are required to sign up for Part D drug plan.

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If you choose a Supplement there are only 40 companies to choose from.

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Prices Sure Have Changed Over The Years

we search the marketplace for the best values

looking forward to being your discount insurance broker and help your children accumulate more wealth for their retirement. 

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what's the best option for you?


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My name is Jerome J. Lober. 

Certified Estate Advisor and Insurance Broker. 


In 1752, Benjamin Franklin co-founded the first American Insurance Agency to provide coverage for Americans in the event of a fire.  In 1971 after coming back from a tour of duty in Viet Nam, I decided on a career to become a Financial Advisor. I chose the John Hancock ​Financial Group because of it solid reputation. After several years with them, I realized if I become a Insurance Broker, I could provide my clients with more choices to protect their assets.  In 1985 I started Insurance Discounters to make this a reality and so far we have saved millions of dollars in premiums for our clients and we look forward to helping you soon. 


​ Insurance Discounters of Baltimore   

A Veteran Owned Company Since 1985.

Medicare Advantage Plans

They are all inclusive plans which can be an HMO, PPO, PFFS, SNP, or MSA and may include drug plan and many other services not covered by Original Medicare.

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Inflation is our #1 enemy, that's why I use the picture of the A & P grocery store in the early 60's to see how much things have gone up.  The same holds true today, every year the cost of Medicare will rise 4% to 6%.  So what you do now will either benefit or cause you problems in the future. 

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My purpose today is to show you how to get the coverage you need, without spending more than you have too. Once you retire you will have to live off the income you saved until it runs out. (average is age 72)

Its worse if you have a 401-K 

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You will find that your nest-egg will deplete very rapidly in the next few years. With this in mind I would pick the lowest cost now and put the savings

in a safe place with no losses.

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I have been selling Medicare products since 1985 an I have been using

Medicare Advantage since 2014, and have spent around $2,000 for coverage.

If I had purchased a Supplement and Drug Plan in 2014,

I would have spent over $17,500. I want to help you get the same value.

I earn my income from Medicare for assisting you with your choice when I

 submit your application to the company of your choice at no cost to you.

This can be done without seeing you personally.

​Thanking you in advance for your support.