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How To Build Wealth By Using Your Current Insurance Premiums.

My name is Jerome J. Lober. I am a Certified Estate Advisor, Independent Insurance Broker & Safe Investment Advisor, in Maryland since 1981. Click on my photo to see my certifications.

We have the lowest rates allowed by law. This can give you a much lower premium, and use the savings to fund a Guaranteed Income 4 Life program.

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As Insurance Brokers We Search For Insurance Companies With A Proven Track Record Of Low Cost Policies.

The Average Person Overpays Around $2,000 A Year More Than They Have To For All Their Insurance Coverages.

All Insurance Companies Are Regulated By The Government And Sell The Same Types Of Products, That Do The Same Thing, Pay Off Claims When Needed.

The Price Difference Is Based On The Overhead Cost Of Doing Business ( like how many employees, how many offices, claim loss from last year, etc.)

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