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Soon You Will Be Paying Less For Your Health Care!

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Medicare Will Pay 80% Of The Approved Amount

You Pay 20% + Co-Pay & Deductible.

Original Medicare Will Be Your Primary Health Care Plan, Unless You Choose Other Options.

You Don’t Have To Pay Top Dollar To Get Best Plan.

( F. Y. I. ) All Supplement Plans Offer The Same Benefits,

Only Their Premiums Are Different.

There are over 50 companies you can purchase Medicare from that will pay for the 20% copay, & deductible. Their costs for coverage can be more than $1,700 each year, not including prescription drug costs, and will increase each and every year.

“Interesting Tip”

If you are planning to continue to work after 65 most companies will let you use your Medicare benefits instead of theirs. Ask your HR person.

“It could save you a Bundle each month.”

My name is Jerry Lober, I am a Certified Estate Advisor, Insurance Broker, Realtor, Viet Nam Veteran (67-71) and I have been on Medicare for over 7 years. Click on my photo for my stats.

I represent all of the major companies selling Medicare and receive compensation from the company for assisting you with your choice, at no cost to you.

These are your 3 main choices to cover Medicare costs.

Medicare Supplement

Medicare Advantage Plan

Medical Savings Account

Click Here For Several Short Helpful Informational Videos.

Supplement’s Are Higher And Don’t Include Drug Plan:

Advantage Plans Are Lower And Have Extra Benefits.

Medical Savings Account’s

Are similar to a supplement but less expensive in the long run because you can deposit up to $4,000 each year in a special plan that grows interest. If you don’t spend all of it to pay out-of-pocket costs each year, your money will cause you to spend less than the other programs.

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There Is Only One MSA Available In Maryland

You may or may not have much of a future need for many co-pays or deductibles, major surgery and the like, but the money you deposit is yours not the insurance company’s.

Thanking You In Advance For Your Support.

looking forward to being your discount insurance broker to help your children accumulate more wealth for their retirement.

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