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A Veteran Owned Company Helping Business Owners And Employees

Pay Less For All Their Insurance Needs Since 1985!​​


My name is Jerome J. Lober. Certified Estate Advisor and Insurance Broker. 
​In 1752, Benjamin Franklin co-founded the first American Insurance Agency to provide coverage for Americans in the event of a fire.  In 1971 after coming back from a tour of duty in Viet-Nam, I decided on a career to become a Financial Advisor.

I chose the John Hancock ​Financial Group because of it solid reputation. After several years with them,

I realized if I become a Insurance Broker, I could provide my clients with more choices to protect their assets.  

In 1985 I started Insurance Discounters to make this a reality and so far we have saved millions of dollars

in premiums for our clients and we look forward to helping you soon. 

This little thing has caused us a lot of problems, but also has caused great opportunities. We have gone to great lengths to find products to help you save money.

Please let us help you replace your current out-of-date plans.