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I have been helping clients understand their Medicare Choices since 1985.

In 2013 I became a Medicare Beneficiary.

In 2018 I had a triple by-pass with a 6 day hospital stay at a cost of $60,000, My out-of-pocket costs totaled $1,200. Thankfully as a Broker I know which plans have the best value.

I Don’t Have Covid

It Doesn’t Matter What Medicare Plan You Choose

Any Plan You Pick Will Pay The Bill.

It’s Just Your “Savings Account That Will Suffer.

Money Saving Tips

If You Plan To Keep Working While On Medicare, Most Companies Will Let You Use Your Medicare Benefits Instead of Company Plan. Ask your HR person. Could Be Big Savings.

In my 38 years as A Certified Estate Advisor when you get closer to retirement, my advice has always been, you should purchase a health plan with a Low Premium and save the difference in a No Loss Investment to afford the Future Higher Costs.

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What’s New For 2022 Medicare?

If You Currently Use The V.A. For Your Health Care, A New Company Has Designed A Plan To Complement Additional Benefits With A $0 Premium, That Puts Back $40 Per Month to Your Social Security Check, Plus Dental Coverage Up To $1,000 Annually and More.

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Original Medicare Is Not What Many Think It Is”

If You Choose Original Medicare, You may be surprised. It is similar to a 80 – 20 Major Medical Plan that consists of Part A ( Hospital ) at ( No Monthly Charge ) and a deductible of $1,484.00

Note: The Part A deductible is not an annual deductible; it applies for each benefit period. A benefit period begins at hospital admission and ends when the beneficiary has been out of the hospital or skilled nursing facility (SNF) for 60 consecutive days.

But Wait… There Are Other Options: Part B Medical around $140 monthly (SSI) and a $203.00 annual deductible.

Don’t Forget: Part D Prescription Drugs: Premiums can cost up to $97 monthly plus deductible up to $445. For all Part D prices.

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The penalty for not joining Part D after 90 days

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Supplement Plans When Added To Medicare

The national average for supplement plans increase 4 to 6% annually.

Every Company Offering Medicare Supplement Products All Cover The Same Things At Different Coverage Levels & Prices. The Quality Of Care & Service Are Equal.

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Medicare Advantage Plans

The Newer Medicare Advantage Plans Have Other Benefits Not Provided Through Original Medicare With A Supplement.

Note: The Out Of Pocket Limits Are Not Paid First Like A Co-pay.

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Medical Savings Account’s M.S.A.

“The Most Overlooked Medicare Plan”

“Popular With Snow Birds & Veterans”

The one nice thing about MSA’s is the premium you pay goes into your own account, earning interest not the Insurance Company’s pocket.

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What Plan Is Best For You?

It Depends On Your Current Health Care Needs.

All Plans Have Different Features And Cost.

We Don’t Push Any Particular Product, Just Information.

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