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great news for business owners!

 on January 1, 2021

there will be a legal way to give your employees

additional health benefits.  

*without increasing premiums. 

*keep their current plan.

*employees covered up to $16,000 for out-of-pocket expense

*owner reimbursed $500 or more, into your business

account every year, for each employee in the plan.

"Everybody Wins"

my name is jerome j. lober. Certified Estate Advisor, insurance broker and realtor.

I constantly search the marketplace for the best values on all types of coverages to help you save money. click on my photo for stats.

we teach business owners, employees and retirees how to spend less on insurance products. the floating money represents your wasted premiums you overpay.

we would like to help you change that.

we have a good record for saving money

on most business insurance.

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